Baltimore Ravens: 3 early trade candidates for 2023 season

Baltimore Ravens, Rashod Bateman
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Patrick Queen could be a Baltimore Ravens trade candidate in 2023

This one is an obvious choice, and has been for a while now. The Ravens declined to pick up linebacker Patrick Queen's fifth-year option, thus making this coming season his last in Baltimore. If the Ravens allow him to play this year out without trading him, and he signs elsewhere next season, they could wind up netting something along the lines of a third-round compensatory pick.

But, let's say the Ravens are close to the trade deadline and, for some reason, things aren't going as well as planned. Or, maybe rookie Trenton Simpson is ready to plug in and start if Queen was traded. One of those two scenarios must be true, here.

If there is a contender out there that needs a linebacker to be their missing piece, then the Ravens should definitely explore trading Queen before the deadline. There are teams willing to pay up for a great player, like the Los Angeles Rams have shown in recent years. If it means winning a Super Bowl, then no price is too great, depending on the situation.

If the Ravens could get an earlier third-round pick, or even a late second-round pick for Queen, then they would seriously have to consider pulling the trigger on a deal like that.