What can Baltimore Ravens expect from Kevin Zeitler at his age?

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The Baltimore Ravens may be relying on Kevin Zeitler for the last time in 2023. Zeitler is 33 years old, and his contract is up after this season. There is a vibe that he may be letting Andrew Vorhees step into his role next season as he moves on.

What can Baltimore Ravens expect from Kevin Zeitler at his age?

At age 33, he is at the age where you have to wonder how much he has left in him. According to Football Reference, he had an Approximate Value of 6 over the past two seasons. What if we want to see often players age 33 or older were able to put together that type of season? Even if we look at five, expecting a small drop-off for Zeitler, what are the chances he can stay at that level?

Since 2011, there have been 54 guards that were age 30, and had an AV of five or higher. That number drops to 38 by the time players hit 31. Then, the cliff starts to come. By age 32, only 18 players have accomplished a five AV or higher. Kevin Zeitler is one of those players. Now, the question is whether or not he can hit that number by age 33.

The list of people to hit that drops from 18 to nine by age 33, so a lot of players have historically seen this very season as the drop off. What is interesting to note is that eight players also hit this peak when they were 34 years old. However, at age 35, there were four players, and only Richie Incognito had that good of a season when he was 36, and he missed time during his career due suspensions.,

So, the overall takeaway is that most lineman hit the cliff by age 32, and the reality that Kevin Zeitler did not does help his case. However a lot of players who are good when they are 32 then struggle by the time they are 33.

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There is reason to be optimistic, but it has to be guarded with the reality that this could be the end. Beyond that, it is hard to see him lasting with the Ravens beyond this season, and we can see why because most players cannot stay at this level at this age.