5 Baltimore Ravens fighting for their roster chances this summer

A couple of secondary members, a linebacker and two skill players are right on the Baltimore Ravens roster edge
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Keaton Mitchell, Baltimore Ravens
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4. Keaton Mitchell saw his path to the Baltimore Ravens roster get tougher

Keaton Mitchell is one of the most intriguing rookie UDFAs this summer. However, he is just a UDFA, and he is just a rookie, and a lot of fans need to remember that. That is why the team signed Melvin Gordon. First, it was JK Dobbins insurance, but more than that, it said that Mitchell was not ready.

If they thought Mitchell was ready, they would see how he looked with the first team for a little before signing a veteran like Gordon. So, when Dobbins returns, you can expect Gordon to stick around and be the third back behind Gus Edwards and Dobbins. That would make Keaton Mitchell the fourth back.

At that rate, he is not going to make the Baltimore Ravens roster. Mitchell is not a big-time pass catcher, he lacks power between the tackles, and he does not play special teams. That is going to be tough to make a claim for a roster spot at that point.

However, he has speed and can make big plays in a hurry. If that can happen, he can make it much harder to get rid of.