5 Baltimore Ravens fighting for their roster chances this summer

A couple of secondary members, a linebacker and two skill players are right on the Baltimore Ravens roster edge
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Josh Ross, Baltimore Ravens
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3. Josh Ross needs to prove that he belongs on the Baltimore Ravens roster

Last season, the Baltimore Ravens had Josh Ross as a sleeper to start by the end of the season. However, after two weeks, he was placed on the season-ending injured reserve, and we did not see him for the rest of the year. Then, the team traded for and signed Roquan Smith before also drafting Trenton Simpson.

The linebacker room went from rail thin to the deepest group on the roster before Josh Ross could get healthy. He is ready to go now, but he is fighting for his roster life. He is clearly behind the top four linebackers on the depth chart. Patrick Queen and Malik Harrison were ahead of Ross last year, and the two new additions are also clearly ahead.

Ross also is staring down Kristian Welch, and Del'Shawn Phillips as depth linebackers and special teams option. The fifth linebacker will probably make the roster, but that is not a lock. Beyond that, it may not even be Ross. He has a lot of work to do.