3 reasons Baltimore Ravens were able to finalize deal with Lamar Jackson

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Odell Beckham, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Baltimore Ravens added Odell Beckham

When Lamar Jackson initially left the table, he felt the deal was much worse than Deshaun Watson, and he did not even know who he would be throwing the football to. There was a report that he told the Baltimore Ravens to add Odell Beckham and DeAndre Hopkins before he decided to return to the table.

According to Mike Lombardi, they told him that they could only get one, and they did with Odell Beckham. This had to be important for Jackson and obviously played a role in his returning to the table. While the Ravens initially said they could only add one, there are reports that Baltimore is still in on Hopkins and that interest may be what has Jackson even more interested in staying.

The move is not just adding someone that Jackson wanted. It is showing a commitment in Jackson. A lot of teams said that the Ravens would be wise to just run Jackson into the ground, and let him go. However, this shows they are investing in him as a passer. They added a new offensive coordinator who is known for his passing concepts, and they added Odell Beckham. With a healthy Rashad Bateman as well, the Ravens are telling Lamar Jackson they see him as more than a running quarterback, they see someone who can age as a passer.

By saying that Jackson they got Jackson back to the contract table. When Jackson saw what Hurts got, and saw that Beckham was added, he knew that the belief in him was there, and it got them over the edge.