3 Baltimore Ravens injuries that were too tough to overcome in loss to Indianapolis Colts

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The Baltimore Ravens' loss to the Indianapolis Colts stings, but in some ways, you had to see it coming. The Ravens limped into the game without much health, and they continued to lose players throughout. It was a grind to have enough healthy bodies, let alone win the game.

The team withstood some of the injuries just fine, but there were a few that went over the top to cost the team.

3. Odell Beckham's injury hurt the Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens lost Odell Beckham in week two, and while they do not see him missing significant time, they also sat him out for the week three matchup with the Indianapolis Colts. Beckham has not been a huge impact player in the box score, but he has been a game-changer on the field.

Beckham is the deep threat on this roster. Lamar Jackson makes sure to take a chance or two every week to keep the defense honest. Beckham has drawn a few penalties and grabbed a few deep balls as well.

The key for this is that he opens up space for the rest of the roster. Beckham keeps safeties from creeping to one side, and it keeps defenders ticking their steps back so that Beckham does not burn them. Without Beckham, there was less of a threat for the ball to go down the field. First, it had defenses creeping up in general.

More than that, it brought attention to Zay Flowers. Flowers was not a product of Beckham, but it sure was easier for him to have space because of Beckham. Flowers has been taking advantage of short passes and working after the catch. However, with the defenses creeping up and keeping all eyes on Flowers, it is much harder for him to work in tighter spaces.

Rashod Bateman suffered a hamstring injury, and he is not back to his old ways. Nelson Agholor looks great as a number four, but he is not the answer for this roster and does not draw attention in the ways that Beckham does. If Agholor does not step up or Bateman does not get healthy, things will remain tougher on Flowers without Beckham.