3 Baltimore Ravens injuries that were too tough to overcome in loss to Indianapolis Colts

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Tyler Linderbaum, Baltimore Ravens
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1. The Baltimore Ravens needed Tyler Linderbaum Sunday

If you could point to one player from the game that you wish Baltimore had back in their lineup, it has to be Tyler Linderbaum. This is for two seperate reasons. First, we all saw the bad snaps. Lamar Jackson made it work once or twice, but it cost the team a drive at point. These are small consistency issues that you do not get with a first-round starter.

Beyond that, Mustipher was not getting the drive in the run game. We knew that DeForest Buckner and Grovert Stewart would be a tough test, but it ended up worse than the team anticipated.

This is the issue with losing starters for multiple weeks. It is possible to get through the end of a game, and a player like Mustipher is even good for a spot start here and there. However, the bigger the sample gets, the more likely we are to see a player's true colors, and we were learning why Linderbaum is still considered a big upgrade over Sam Mustipher.

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The offensive line did not look the same against the Indianapolis Colts, and it started with Sam Mustipher starting at center.