Baltimore Ravens admit interest in trading down from 2023 NFL draft

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens having just five picks is rather stunning. The team lives off of the NFL draft, and over a long track record, they have collected the most draft picks. However, this year they did not get any compensatory picks, and they traded for Roquan Smith, so they are thinner than usual.

Expect Baltimore Ravens to trade down in 2023 NFL draft

Those are two reasons they do not have picks, but the third avenue could collect a few assets. They could trade down. If you have followed the Baltimore Ravens you know this is a staple move for the franchise, so it should be expected.

Eric DeCosta spoke on the possibility of trading down by citing the team has traded down in nine of the last ten seasons.

Considering they only have a first-round pick and a third-rounder, the real value will come if they trade down from the first round. They could move off of pick 86th pick, but they will only be adding a seventh-round pick or something of that nature. If they move down from the 22nd pick, they could get some real assets, and potentially set themselves up to move down again.

So, you are going to read mock draft after mock after and hear about all the fits for pick and the team will likely move down. Now, the question becomes how far?

They could move down just a few spots, and that could even set them up to move down twice. Or, they could trade out of the first round altogether. There are teams without first-round picks who may be willing to overpay to get into the round. Or, another team debating two players sees their second guy fall 10 picks below his slot, and they trade back into the first round.

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For now, the best prediction for the Baltimore Ravens at 22 overall is a trade-down. It is tough to mock that because you need to know the team and the slot, but that is the best guess anyone can make.