3 Baltimore Ravens who must join Lamar Jackson as inactive against Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Baltimore Ravens are doing the smart thing by making Lamar Jackson inactive against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 18. They have nothing to play for in terms of seeding, and an injury at this point would derail the season for something that is not important. 

Since the Ravens have shown their hand that they will be conservative this week, which players are the locks to join Jackson on the sideline?

3. The Baltimore Ravens must bench Roquan Smith as well

Neither Roquan Smith nor Lamar Jackson have an injury concerns as of right now. They may enjoy the healing time, but they do not need it as much as some players who are limping to the end of the season. With that said, if one player had to join Jackson as a for sure inactive, it should be Roquan Smith. 

Smith is the quarterback of the defense, the Lamar Jackson of his side of the ball. When the Baltimore Ravens traded for him, the entire unit changed, and they became a different team. Now, the defense is peaking at the right time. The last thing they need to do is see Roquan Smith suffer any sort of injury that would put the following four weeks in jeopardy. That is when the team needs him. 

The Ravens could bump up Patrick Queen and see how he looks, holding the responsibility that is usually given to Smith. However, one starter who will not see the field is Roquan Smith.