3 Baltimore Ravens who must join Lamar Jackson as inactive against Pittsburgh Steelers

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2. Kyle Hamilton will return to the Baltimore Ravens healthy

This one is a pretty easy call as well. First, Kyle Hamilton is the second most valuable player on the defense, behind Roquan Smith. You could argue that he is the third most valuable player on the roster behind Smith and Jackson. If the Ravens are going to make sure their top players make it to their first playoff game, they are not playing Kyle Hamilton any snaps. 

Still, this is a really easy decision because the Ravens sat Hamilton last week with a knee injury. The Ravens dominated the Miami Dolphins without him, but he was missed in the game. Still, the Ravens decided that even though the chance to clinch the number one seed was on the line, they would bench Hamilton. Now that the number one seed is locked up, it is clear that Hamilton will not play, even if he was so close to playing last week and is nearly healthy in all ways now. 

The Ravens can give Hamilton last week, this week, and then a bye week next week. An injury that may have been a week or two at most gets three weeks to fully heal before their next playoff game. This is too obvious.

Marlon Humphrey will likely join Hamilton as an inactive in the secondary. One question is whether or not Marcus Williams would join these two as an inactive.