Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson is loving Todd Monken's new offense

This could be a big season for Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens offense

Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson / Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

This season should end up being a big one for the Baltimore Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson. After parting ways with former offensive coordinator Greg Roman, the Ravens went out and found one of the brightest minds from the college ranks.

Former Georgia offensive coordinator Todd Monken was the man for the job, and he's got Baltimore fans buzzing. Thus far, Monken's offense has been given rave reviews by players and coaches, along with media who have been allowed to check out some of the offseason program.

Monken's offense is going to focus much more on passing than Roman's scheme had in the past, giving Jackson the potential to air it out on a regular basis and potentially put up career numbers going forward.

The Ravens also did a great job adding talent surrounding Jackson to go with this new offense. Odell Beckham Jr. and Zay Flowers should help aid Jackson in a career year, doing a lot of the heavy lifting once they have the ball in their hands.

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler gave the NFL world an update on the new Baltimore Ravens offense and quarterback Lamar Jackson's opinion of it, thus far

"He loves it. I checked with a few people in Baltimore, I get exclamation points back in the text messages that he's sort of thriving in this new system," Fowler told Sportscenter a couple of days ago.

Unlike the previous offense led by Greg Roman, Jackson also has a lot more freedom within Monken's scheme. He's given a longer leash in terms of making changes and calling audibles which he sees fit.

"He's got more ownership. He can make more changes at the line of scrimmage. He's really been working the last couple of years, I'm told, on throwing outside the numbers, sort of that intermediate to deep stuff, throwing deep to wide receivers on the outside. He will have more chances in this offense to do that, and really, he's responded well."

Fowler went on to note that Jackson did, actually, attempt to tone down his rushing attempts last year prior to getting injured, for those who may not have noticed.

"This is a quarterback that ran the ball a little bit less last year, less than 10 rushing attempts per game, really for the first time in his career. So, he's trying to stay more in the pocket, operate there, really to sustain his career. He's in a spot now where he's going to do that even less, probably, he's going to throw more."

Jackson better throw more, that's for certain. Guys like Beckham, Flowers and even Rashod Bateman, if healthy, need the ball in their hands. These are certified playmakers, and Jackson is going to love having so much weaponry around him for the first time in his career.

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