Baltimore Ravens linebacker depth chart: Pre-Draft 2023

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Right before the 2023 NFL Draft, we will look at the Baltimore Ravens depth chart. Then, in a few weeks, we can view if there were any significant changes during the biggest weekend of the offseason. Today we will be looking into the linebacker room.

Baltimore Ravens linebackers depth chart

1. Roquan Smith

The Baltimore Ravens would love to have a second-round pick right now, but they do not regret the Roquan Smith trade one bit. They gave him a market-setting deal, and he is now the leader of the defense. One significant ripple effect is that his play took the pressure off of Patrick Queen has helped him play better.

2. Patrick Queen

Patrick Queen is much better in the run-and-chase role and has thrived since the Roqaun Smith trade. Still, that is all the more reason the team moves on from him. His fifth-year option is looming, and the team should not pay him when he is so reliant on Smith. He is excellent for his cheap salary, but he could help ease the loss of Smith by bringing something back in a trade. Keep your eye on this draft weekend.

3. Malik Harrison

Malik Harrison is a downhill player who can thrive on special teams, but you do not want him in coverage. He is a nice compliment to Patrick Queen, who is better in coverage, but not as strong in block deconstruction. Still, this does mean that Harrison is not in line to replace Queen.

4. Kristian Welch

Kristian Welch has turned himself into a five-phase special teams option, and someone the team likes and wants to keep around. They re-signed him this offseason.

5. Del'Shawn Phillips

Del'Shawn Phillips mainly plays on four of the six phases on special teams, but that is still enough to ensure he will get a helmet on Sundays.

6. Josh Ross

Josh Ross was a rookie UDFA who signed with the Ravens last season. He stuck around on the practice squad and is back to prove himself. First, he will be trying to win an activation due to his special team's play.

Due to the core special teamers, and the young rising player in Josh Ross, this is a position the Ravens will only address is they trade Patrick Queen. Even after trading Queen, they may want a day three option to replace him. They run heavy with defensive backs and like to mix up looks, so only having Roquan Smith on the field for a decent chunk of snaps is an option.

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With Malik Harrison setting the tone downhill, they could find a coverage linebacker on day three of the draft and a mix and match the players based on down and distance. It will allow them to invest resources elsewhere and puts more on the plate of Roquan Smith, who deserves it after his extension.