4 Baltimore Ravens who may locked down a roster spot in preseason week two

-A defender getting roster lock treatment in week 2

-One player earned it on the field

-A new role for this roster lock?

-Is there a QB controversy brewing?

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Tylan Wallace, Baltimore Ravens
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3. Tylan Wallace secured a roster spot with the Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens needed Tylan Wallace last year, and he could not be healthy for them, so they decided to make sure they did not need to rely on him again. With that in mind, they pushed him from someone who could have played a ton last season to a potential sixth wide receiver, who will only be active on gamedays if he can provide on special teams.

However, Wallace has done everything you can ask a sixth receiver to do, and it is hard to see him missing the roster now. His main competition was Laquon Treadwell, James Proche, and Dontay Demus.

Demus is a rookie UDFA, so he had a long hill to climb. He missed some days at practice and never established himself in the competition. Proche has worn out his welcome and has done nothing in the last couple of weeks to improve his roster status.

Lastly is Treadwell, who was competing hard with Wallace. Treadwell played well on special teams in preseason week one, helping his chances immensely. However, he had an injury this week and missed the game. Wallace not only made the case with special teams play, he caught his second touchdown of the preseason. He is younger and more cost-controlled than Treadwell. It was a good competition, but after the last preseason game, it will be hard for Treadwell to make up that ground.