4 Baltimore Ravens who may locked down a roster spot in preseason week two

-A defender getting roster lock treatment in week 2

-One player earned it on the field

-A new role for this roster lock?

-Is there a QB controversy brewing?

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2. Patrick Ricard earned his roster spot with the Baltimore Ravens this year

Entering the preseason, there have been questions about Patrick Ricard and whether he will even make the Ravens roster. Todd Monken does not use the fullback in the manner that Greg Roman did, and it will make Ricard much less valuable. So, at his salary, was it worth having someone who contrasts the offense, or should they just cut ties now? He is coming off an injury as well, so no one knew if he would be ready to go.

When he returned to the practice field, the Ravens gave him work on the offensive line, signaling the team needed to see him do more than just play fullback. That experiment did not last long, but we saw on Monday how they could get him an extra role.

Almost every snap that Ricard played was flexed out on the offensive line as an extra tight end. The chip help of a tight end helps passes get further down the field due to the time created. This is more valuable to a passing offense than a run-blocking fullback. So, this could be the role that keeps Ricard on the roster.

When you look at the Ravens tight ends, you have Mark Andrews, Isaiah Likely, and Charlie Kolar. All of them can be classified as stronger pass catchers than blockers. So, the Ravens need one of their tight ends to help as a blocker, and that person is officially Patrick Ricard.