5 Baltimore Ravens with most to lose in 2023 NFL draft

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Baltimore Ravens, Ben Cleveland
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4. Is Ben Cleveland going to lose his job in the 2023 NFL draft?

The Baltimore Ravens had a bad feeling that they were going to lose Ben Powers. They are tight to the salary cap and had to pick and choose their battles. The Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos got into a bidding war for Powers, and you can imagine the Ravens tapped out early.

So, you can say that the Ravens let Powers walk because they had faith in Ben Cleveland. At the same time, we really have no idea how the Ravens feel about Ben Cleveland. As we stand right now, it is hard to see anyone competing with him to replace Powers at left guard. The NFL draft is the only thing that could change that idea.

This one will be very interesting because a starting left guard could be found anywhere. At the same time, the team could at least be adding some competition. If the Baltimore Ravens wait until the UDFA sessions, or they hardly even address the position at all, you have to think that Ben Cleveland is the man. If they take a lineman in round three, he is the first man out, and even if an earlier day three guy is in the mix, we can speculate there is a competition.