3 Baltimore Ravens who may have lost a 53-man roster spot in preseason finale

A rookie draft pick, a rookie UDFA, and a known veteran saw their roster chances slip away
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2. Melvin Gordon will not make the Baltimore Ravens roster

When the Baltimore Ravens signed Melvin Gordon, there was plenty of reaction about what that may mean for the roster moving forward. There were thoughts that he could be the person who steps in for J.K. Dobbins if his injury or contract status lingered. However, now it is pretty clear that he will get cut, and he may end up back on the practice squad.

First, Dobbins is back. That does not help. It also hurt that Justice Hill had the best preseason of his career. Todd Monken seems to value his explosive ability more than Greg Roman, so it is easier to see Hill in the mix. Still, even Keaton Mitchell is clearly ahead of Melvin Gordon.

Mitchell can provide on special teams if needed. More than that, if Mitchell were cut, he would possibly get claimed on waivers. On the flip side, if Gordon were cut, the odds are that he could circle back to the Ravens practice squad, and his veteran status means he does not need to clear waivers. So, Gordon is the fifth running, and the team will keep a fullback. So, he is essentially the sixth. That is a lock to get cut, not make the roster.