Baltimore Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey advanced stats reveiw

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The Baltimore Ravens dramatically changed their defense when they switched schemes from Wink Martindale to Mike MacDonald. For a player like Marlon Humphrey, we do not even think of how this may impact them, but it does make things different, especially when the scheme changes so dramatically.

With that said, what did the Baltimore Ravens seen in Marlon Humphrey?

Baltimore Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey advanced stats reveiw

Humphrey did have the highest completion rate of his career allowed last season. However, to be fair, his yards per completion dropped from 14.8 to 11.6, and his yards per target went down from 7.9 to 7.5.

Targets Per Snap

Marlon Humphrey ranked fourth in targets per coverage snap, showing that teams would rather not throw his way. With names like Jaycee Horn, Patrick Surtain, Sauce Gardner, Tariq Woolen, and Darius Slay all around him, this seems to be a good company to keep. He also improved in this area from 6.1 to 9.

Completions per snap

Marlon Humphrey also improved from allowing a catch every 13.3 snaps to a catch every 19.1 snaps. That only improved him to 14th out of 102, though. Still, that is a pretty good spot to be in overall, just not quite top five.

Forced Incompletions

One of the biggest surprises was his drop in forced incompletions. He came into the season with a 17% rate, and that is with a 12% rate in 2021. Then, the number dropped even further down to 5%. This is a career low, and it tops his career low of 12% in 2021.

So, he was always trending down in this area, but the reason it dropped so much also comes down to man versus zone.

Man vs. Zone

For his career, Marlon Humphrey has played 45% of his snaps in man coverage. However, last season that number was down to 24%. This is notable because Humphrey had a 16% forced incompletion rate in man, but it was 2% in zone. For his career, he has been much more productive in man.

However, last year he allowed 0.9 yards per snap in man for his career and 0.98 in zone, so the gap is not significant. For his career, he also allowed 0.98 yards per snap, but he allowed 0.6 yards per snap in man, showing that he is better in this area. He is not weak in zone, but he does not get his hands on as many passes and more passes are completed.


Marlon Humphrey was in the slot 18% last season. That is down from his recent rates and the least he has played in the slot since his second NFL season. The Ravens had been moving him out of the slot, and it does appear that he is playing there less than ever. However, he is still pretty good in the slot. It was only 17 targets, but he allowed 0.77 yards per snap in the slot compared to 0.84 outside.

For his career, he has 29.9% of his snaps in the slot. He is allowing 1.07 yards per snap in the slot, and 0.96 from the outside. So, he can definitely hold his own in the slot, but it does make sense why the Ravens want to keep him outside.

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Marlon Humphrey is still one of the best cornerbacks n the NFL. He had a down year, but that is mainly because he is better in man coverage than zone. The question will be if Mike MacDonald chooses to play more man, or if Humphrey takes another step in zone due to being in the scheme for another season.