4 Baltimore Ravens who may play less in the AFC Championship 

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2. The Baltimore Ravens may not play Michael Pierce as much as Travis Jones

Michael Pierce has played 55.3% of the team's defensive snaps this season, which was a career-high. He was instrumental in getting the Ravens to this point. However, the Ravens had been cutting down his snaps since week 13, when they had their bye week. They have given those snaps to Travis Jones. Travis Jones has played just 39% of the snaps this season.

Meanwhile, in the AFC Championship, it was Jones who played 57% of the snaps and Pierce who was down at 43%. They are seeing their roles reversed. Jones is better at rushing the passer, and Pierce is the better run defender. 

With CJ Stroud at quarterback, they may have wanted the better pass rusher on the field. Still, now they get Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs run game is better than Houston, but Jones may still provide more value this week. Do the Baltimore Ravens stick with this plan and keep Jones ahead in the split, or do we see Pierce get his normal workload back?