Baltimore Ravens Minicamp: Rock Ya-Sin already proving to be huge asset

Baltimore Ravens, Rock Ya-Sin
Baltimore Ravens, Rock Ya-Sin / Michael Owens/GettyImages

This Baltimore Ravens offseason was dominated by a lot of different storylines, and most of them involved big names.

Whether it was the Lamar Jackson saga, signing Odell Beckham Jr. or the fifth-year option declined in respect to Patrick Queen, the Ravens had plenty of things to get fans talking. But, one particular move hasn't been talked about enough.

Baltimore opted to let veteran cornerback Marcus Peters walk and did not re-sign him, which left a gaping hole at corner next to Marlon Humphrey. Come draft weekend, we saw the Ravens skip out on adding a top-tier cornerback in this year's class.

So, what do they do from there? Baltimore went out and signed veteran Rock Ya-Sin just a couple of days after the 2023 NFL Draft concluded. It was only a one-year deal worth a maximum of $6 million, but that single signing could prove to be the one move this Ravens defense needed to stay in Super Bowl form.

Ravens cornerback Rock Ya-Sin dominated minicamp practice on Wednesday

During Wednesday's minicamp practice, Ya-Sin showed up and showed out. He was by far one of the standouts according to those present, coming up with a near-pick while covering Odell Beckham Jr., who also had eyes glued to him throughout the practice.

Ya-Sin was reportedly extremely vocal and was able to make several plays on the ball throughout the practice. Not only that, but he let everyone know when he made a play. That, folks, is the type of player this defense loves to have. That's the type of defense this unit has always been; one with an attitude and a toughness about it.

Having only been in the leaguef four years now, Ya-Sin is already on his third team, which is funny because he continues to get better. Last year, playing in the AFC West and facing quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert, he gave up a career-low opposing quarterback rating of 82.6. He also gave up only one touchdown, another career-best.

The 27-year-old might play his way into another contract in Baltimore after this season, if early impressions are any indication. The Ravens made some significant moves this offseason, but let's not allow Ya-Sin's arrival to go overshadowed by other new faces. He's going to make an impact.

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