Baltimore Ravens Mock Draft: A big trade back finding compliments to Odell Beckham Jr.

2018 NFL Draft
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Isaiah Mcguire, Ravens
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. EDGE. . . Isaiah McGuire. 3. player. 531

With an additional pick in the third round, the Ravens go right back to the well and select another edge rusher. This is what they do. This is Ravens football. Baltimore has to establish a tone on defense, and finding ways to rush the passer and do it well is a top priority for this franchise.

Missouri's Isaiah McGuire is the pick, here, and he brings a big, strong, physical style to the defense. He stands 6-foot-4, weighing 268 pounds and, overall, brings it as a bull rusher. McGuire is one who will initially try to overpower opposing linemen, and does a good job doing so. He's not going to blow you away with any finess moves, but McGuire is good at what he specializes in.

If you combine his strength with the rare length and high-level step off the line of scrimmage, you have a recipe for an edge rusher with untapped potential. He already has the muscle. He's got the physically-overpowering frame. Should McGuire develop more athletic traits that give him a wider range of pass rush tools, in terms of lateral movement and improved agility, watch out.

Over the last two seasons with Missouri, McGuire has totaled 28.0 tackles for loss, including 14.5 sacks. He's also forced three fumbles and amassed 95 tackles.