Baltimore Ravens Mock Draft: A big trade back finding compliments to Odell Beckham Jr.

2018 NFL Draft
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Jalen Moreno-Cropper, Ravens
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. Jalen Moreno-Cropper. 504. . WR. . 5. player

I said the Ravens were going to go hard after additional weapons to compliment not just Beckham, but give Lamar Jackson more to work with and take pressure off the run game. So, in the fifth round, the Ravens take Fresno State wide receiver Jalen Moreno-Cropper.

The 5-foot-11 speedster ran a 4.4 at the Combine, but owns more of a game speed than sprinting speed, if that makes sense. Moreno-Cropper is a gadget-type that has run the read-option in the past, which is something Baltimore could take into consideration with certain formations.

Adding another weapon, and someone who can be used creatively, is never a bad thing. Baltimore gets another wideout to compete with the guys who have been here, ensuring the team finds the best five or six to carry into the season.

2282. . CB. 6. . Starling Thomas V. player.

With their final pick in the draft, the Ravens make it three positions in which they address twice, taking their second cornerback in UAB's Starling Thomas V. A three-year starter, Thomas comes into the league with a lot of positive feedback in terms of his overall character and what kind of teammate he is. He's a leader.

Thomas has tons of experience, of course, but mostly playing on the outside. At the next level, he will have to move inside to slot, if he wants the best chance at succeeding as a pro. He stands just 5-foot-10, so he is a little small. But, he's a strong, well-build corner who isn't afraid to be physical.

Thomas is also an above average recognizer of routes, giving him a knack for knocking passes away. Last season, he finished with a whopping 15 passes defended in 13 games.

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