Baltimore Ravens Mock Draft: Lamar Jackson traded in shocking move

Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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Ravens, Jaylon Jones
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. CB. player. 535. . . Jaylon Jones. 3

At pick number 86, in the third round, the Ravens try to find a long-term solution at cornerback by drafting Texas A&M's Jaylon Jones. At 6-foot-2, 200 pounds, Jones brings size and length to the position.

Jones is a phyiscal player, not allowing any receiver to bully him, but instead being the aggressor and disallowing many of his receivers clean breaks. Jones is also a willing supporter in the run game and quick passing game. He recognizes plays that develop quickly, and he's right on the ball carrier as soon as he can be.

As a three-year starter in college, Jones carries a lot of experience with him, although rarely did opposing quarterbacks decide to target him, and that was for a reason.

. player. EDGE. . K.J. Henry. 4. 432.

In the fourth round, the Ravens stay on the defensive side of the ball and draft a second edge defender in Clemson's K.J. Henry. At this level, you cannot have too many pass rushers, and that's why the value here at pick 124 was too good for Baltimore to pass up.

Henry is a bit bigger and stronger than McDonald, giving the Ravens a different type of rookie edge rusher later here in the draft. Henry stands 6-foot-4, weighing 250 pounds and packs more of a punch. He can be a physical, powerful rusher but with a relentless style. He needs to hone in on some of his specific pass rush moves, and rely less just on an unorthodox, freestyle way of playing the game. But, Henry comes from a great program and is a high character, well-respected player. This is the type of guy the Ravens want.