Baltimore Ravens Mock Draft: Lamar Jackson traded in shocking move

Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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Ravens, Bryce Ford-Wheaton
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469. . WR. . 5. . Bryce Ford-Wheaton. player

In the fifth round, Baltimore opts to select yet another receiver to try and push the rest of the guys within that receiving room. West Virginia product Bryce Ford-Wheaton is a different type than the guys towards the top of that depth chart, and this offense could use his skillset.

At 6-foot-4 and 221 pounds, Ford-Wheaton brings overwhelming size and stature to the receiver position. He also has blazing speed, running an impressive 4.38 at the Combine. He's a raw prospect due to a lack of separation and no true, big-time production in college. Yet, his traits are very likable as an outside wide receiver and, if he comes in to be the WR5, the Ravens found a value.

486. . DL. Jacob Slade. player. . . 6

With their last pick in the draft, Baltimore goes defense and right back to the line, where they've had some great players over the years. This is another high value pick, in Jacob Slade, who could have gone much earlier than this.

Slade is somewhat undersized as an interior defensive lineman, but he works tirelessly at getting after the quarterback. If one move doesn't work, he'll quickly adjust to trying something different. Slade isn't quite as good against the run and lacks the strength to succeed there at a high level, but in certain pass rushing situations, he could be a valuable asset.

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