5 young Baltimore Ravens with the most to gain in the preseason

The Baltimore Ravens have plenty of first and second year players that will get preseason playing time to prove that they belong
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Baltimore Ravens, Travis Jones
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4. The Baltimore Raven want to see more from Travis Jones

The Baltimore Ravens want, and they need to see more out of Travis Jones. Jones was a third-round pick from UConn. Travis Jones played 50 snaps in the first two preseason games, but an injury had him miss the last preseason game and the first two weeks of the season. Still, he finished with 322 snaps in his rookie season. Still, the Ravens know and expect to see Jones much better in his second season, and they expect to see him show that in the preseason.

Travis Jones is another player who could use more experience on the NFL field. It was tough to get him out there because he was not earning it, but at the same time, he needed the experience to show that he belonged.

The Ravens showed last season that they are ready to give him about a full half of play in the preseason. He is competing with Michael Pierce for the starting nose tackle job. Pierce is over 30 years old and cannot stay healthy, so they are not going to play him in the preseason. His only other competition at nose tackle is Kai Casar, and it is hard to see him playing at all in the first half.

So, Jones will get all that he can handle in the preseason. If he shows well, the team can work with Pierce slowly, keep him healthy, and get the most out of him. If he struggles, the team may have to rely heavily on Pierce and keep extra depth on the line.