3 Baltimore Ravens most likely to circle back to the 53-man roster

The Ravens have some veterans on the defensive side of the ball that were cut, but could return to the roster quickly

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The Baltimore Ravens made their roster cuts to get down to the 53-man limit that was posted for Tuesday. However, while that was the initial roster, it will be nothing like the final roster, and it likely will not even be like the roster a few days from now or when week one starts.

The Ravens like to take advantage of vested veterans by releasing them on a handshake deal. They tell the veterans they plan to pick them back up and give them a slight pay rise. In return, the Ravens get to carry someone on the 53-man roster that they were not sure would make it. This player usually gets transferred to the IR, and then the veteran returns. If this process did not happen, the player on the IR would be gone for the year. Now, he could come back.

So, who are three players on the Ravens that got cut, but could end up returning?

3. The Baltimore Ravens have done this with Brent Urban before

The Baltimore Ravens know Brent Urban well, and Urban knows this process well. Urban was drafted by the Ravens and spent his first four seasons with them. Then, he cycled back to them in 2022. That is when the Ravens proposed this idea to him.

Urban went along, got cut, let the Ravens take care of their roster mechanics, and then got a little bump in pay to come back to the same role. So, the Ravens already knew that Urban would do this, and they asked him to again.

If Urban does not return in the next 24 hours it will be a big surprise. Since he is entering year eight he does not have to clear waivers, and he has bounced around the NFL, but clearly wants to stick around in Baltimore.

Beyond that, the team is now thin on the defensive line. They currently have four, so they essentially have just one depth lineman in their base 3-4 look. They will need to make some moves to get some defensive line help, and it likely means Urban is back.