3 Baltimore Ravens most likely to circle back to the 53-man roster

The Ravens have some veterans on the defensive side of the ball that were cut, but could return to the roster quickly

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Angelo Blackson, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Angelo Blackson should circle back to the Baltimore Ravens

When the Baltimore Ravens signed Angelo Blackson, he was firmly on the roster bubble. He was coming off a terrible 2022 campaign, but he was playing out of position and would be much better in the Ravens' defensive look.

So, the thought was that while he had to compete to make the roster, his status on the team would be solid. However, he was one of the cuts. He does not have the history of loyalty displayed by both Worley and Urban.

However, he signed with the Ravens because he knows it is a scheme fit, and his veteran status allows him to choose his home this year without going through waivers. The Ravens probably told him that they need him to do this for the team and that they will lock him down soon enough. A team may call, but Blackson is likely to come back.

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As we noted with Urban, it is almost impossible to see the Ravens head into a gameday with just four defensive linemen. Even five is a bit thin, and you would like to have that sixth man ready for depth purposes. The odds are that both Urban and Blackson circle back to the active roster, and the team makes a few moves to open the roster spots to do so. If any of the three found a job and left, it would be Blackson, but even that is hard to see.

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