3 Baltimore Ravens who must dominate the Los Angeles Chargers

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 Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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1. Lamar Jackson should rip up the Chargers defense 

Last year, the Chargers had a decent pass defense, but teams ran all over them. They have gone overboard to fix the run defense, and now the pass defense is bad.

They currently rank 26th in expected points added per play allowed. They rank 29th in success rate allowed through the air. Arizona and Tennessee are the only defense that Lamar Jackson has played that are worse. 

The Ravens scored 24 or more in both games and won comfortably. The Chargers have had a mixed bag of schedule toughness. They faced Miami, Detroit, and Dallas, as well as Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. They are 0-4 in those games. 

Then, they faced the Titans with Ryan Tannehill and the Vikings with Kirk Cousins and went 1-1.

Lastly, they beat the Raiders, Bears, and Jets and lost to the Packers. So, against the bad teams, they are 3-1; the good teams, they are 0-4; and the average teams, they are 1-1. 

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When they face the quarterbacks who are in the same talks as Lamar Jackson, they lose. They have also not seen a rushing threat like Jackson since they saw the Bears with Tyson Bagent. With their weak linebackers and safeties, they very well may be exposed to the legs of Jackson as much as the passing to tight ends and running backs.