3 Baltimore Ravens who must dominate the Miami Dolphins 

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2. The Baltimore Ravens need the best from Kyle Hamilton and Roquan Smith 

The chess match on the sideline will be Mike McDaniel against Mike MacDonald. The Ravens defensive coordinator has done a great job against some of the top schemes in the NFL, and now gets the Miami Dolphins hot scheme. Still, on the field, it will be on Kyle Hamilton and Roquan Smith to make this happen. 

The Dolphins kill teams pre-snap with motion. They disguise things and get players running one way before they come back with misdirection the other way. They also get their skill players a head start before the snap. 

This game is why teams pay players like Kyle Hamilton and Roquan Smith. They are not just fast and violent, they are smart and disciplined. Beating Miami is about communicating, being versatile but also maintaining your gap and not falling for the eye candy. These two preach that and are two of the soundest football players in the NFL. 

With Hamilton in the slot, he can keep runs inside, and he can get physical with motioning receivers. Roquan Smith can handle the second level of the defense, which is where the play-action passes come in. This duo will decide the game.