4 Baltimore Ravens who must step into bigger roles week two

The Ravens will be relying on depth and backups to play better this week
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Gus Edwards, Baltimore Ravens
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3. Will Gus Edwards or Justice Hill lead the way for the Baltimore Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens will be without J.K. Dobbins for the rest of the season. So, the team will have to work to find a longer-term solution, and they cannot just try to patch it together for a few weeks. Still, the Ravens have Melvin Gordon on the practice squad, they have Keaton Mitchell returning at some point, and they have both Gus Edwards and Justice Hill, who took on the roles to replace Dobbins in week one.

With Dobbins out, Hill had 52% of the work, and Edwards had 48%. Hill had seven carries, while Edwards had eight. So, will the split just be even? It could be, but we could also see Hill take on more of the Dobbins role.

When Dobbins was healthy there was always a thought that Gus Edwards would mix in as a power, change-of-pace type of player. With Hill, he brings the speed and running style of Dobbins. So, Hill could step right into the Dobbins role, which would allow them to play Edwards in the same role he has been in. There is an argument that Edwards would have taken most of the carries from Dobbins late in that game because they were up late and wanted to put the game away.

This would mean trusting Hill more than they had in recent years. Is he ready for that type of challenge?