3 Baltimore Ravens on the naughty list this Christmas 

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As the saying goes, every year, there is a naughty list and a nice list around the holidays. For the Baltimore Ravens, they are sitting at 11-3, and there are plenty of players on the nice list. However, like any team, there are a few players who are slipping over to the naughty list. Who are they?

3. Can the Baltimore Ravens get better play from Ronnie Stanley?

The Baltimore Ravens are getting nowhere close to the Ronnie Stanley of old. He was supposed to be fully healthy to enter the season for the first time since the pandemic, but in week one, he injured his ankle, and it seems like that thought has been out of the window ever since then.

Stanley missed weeks two through four. He came back in week five and did not look good. He started to stabilize his play from weeks six through nine, but he got injured again in week ten and missed 11. Since then, he has not looked like his old self. 

Stanley struggled in week 12, and for the last two weeks, he has been in a platoon with Patrick Mekari as they try to get him healthy and back to playing his best before the playoffs. They have three games to go, and as they stand right now, he has become their biggest liability. There is even a thought that Mekari would just be better starting. 

What can the Ravens do with Ronnie Stanley, and can he give them some faith in the holiday season? So far, the answer is no, and he highlights the naughty list because of it.