3 Baltimore Ravens on the naughty list this Christmas 

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2. The Baltimore Ravens wish Broderick Washington was playing better

When the Baltimore Ravens signed Broderick Washington to an extension before the 2023 season, it looked like a classic Ravens signing. They would get in on Washington before his breakout year, and the deal would look like stealing. However, so far, it looks like Washington is the one who is stealing. 

Washington went from 32% of the snaps to 44% last year, but he is back down to 38% this season. His pass rush win rate went up slightly from 5% to 5.7%, but his run stop rate went down dramatically from 11% to 2.3% this year. 

Washington was always so good as a run-stopper, so it makes sense why the Ravens would limit his playing time when he got so much worse in this area. This is crushing the Ravens, though. They thought they had quality depth at defensive tackle, but now both Justin Madubuike and Michael Pierce are going to set career highs in snaps. This has worked out fine so far, you just hope that it does not wear on them.

Can the Baltimore Ravens get Washington into the mix a bit more in the final three weeks? Can he show that he is not a complete dud?