3 Baltimore Ravens on the naughty list this Christmas 

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1. What happened to Geno Stone with the Baltimore Ravens?

Geno Stone has not been the same player since the Baltimore Ravens got Marcus Williams back from injury. This changed his role from the free safety slot to strong safety, and it changed how he played. 

In the first nine weeks, Stone had an 88.9 PFF grade, and that is 47.5 since Williams has been at free safety. He went from a 17% missed tackle rate to 26%, and playing in the box had his tackle chances increase in a big way. 

He also has not recorded an interception since week nine. He still leads the league because of how many he recorded in the first half of the season. It is hard to put a player on the naughty list after what he did in the first nine games. 

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However, if the Ravens are going to keep starting Marcus Williams, which they should, they have to decide what to do with Geno Stone. This version is a liability in the box. At this point, he is a player that the Ravens have to be concerned about and not comfortable with, so that has to put him on this list.