3 Baltimore Ravens who need to step up to beat the Houston Texans 

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The Baltimore Ravens have a big test with the Houston Texans coming to town for the Divisional Round of the playoffs. While the Ravens are favored to win, they will need a full team effort this week, and that will include getting the best out of some players who may not be at their best. 

Which players on the Ravens need to step up to beat the Houston Texans?

3. The Baltimore Ravens will lean on Gus Edwards late 

The Baltimore Ravens have to find a way to put teams away in the playoffs. In their three meaningful losses, the team had leads and could not ice them. They had more scares than needed this year due to their inability to go into four-minute mode and put the game away. 

In the playoffs, small things like that will cost you and send you home, especially with a quarterback like C.J. Stroud on the other side. So, this will be a huge week for Gus Edwards.

Edwards’ overall stats are skewed because he is used in short yardage so much. Also, the team uses him to put games away as their power back, who can run between the tackles. With all of the injuries to other runners and Justice Hill being the only other real option right now, they will have to lean on Edwards. 

The Houston Texans' defense has its holes, but they have typically been a stout run defense. They did slip up against the Colts at times, especially when the Colts ran the ball straight ahead at them. 

Can Baltimore run the ball downhill, and if they have a one-score lead late in the fourth quarter, can they put that game away? A lot of that comes down to Gus Edwards.