3 Baltimore Ravens who need to step up to beat the Houston Texans 

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1. Can the Baltimore Ravens get a better performance from Geno Stone?

One of the biggest questions entering the postseason was the play of Geno Stone. One of the hottest players in the NFL to start the season had slowly turned into a defensive liability. A lot of that comes from going from the backup and replacing Marcus Williams to now having to play with Williams. It pushed Stone into the box more, which meant more missed tackles and more blown coverage busts. Along with that, he had fewer interceptions and plays on the ball. 

In recent weeks, they started to shuffle how they ran the defense, and they got Stone out of the box more. However, with injuries to Marlon Humphrey and Kyle Hamilton, we have not seen the Ravens' defense in full since Christmas day.

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What is the plan for Geno Stone? Does he start, and if so, how often does he end up in the box? C.J. Stroud does not have the weapons that San Francisco does, but he is pushing the ball down the field with more precision than any quarterback and could make any defense pay if they are not in the right spot. Can the Ravens risk this with Geno Stone against CJ Stroud? Or will they look to get Pepe Williams or Arthur Maulet in the slot and then keep Hamilton at safety with Williams?