5 Baltimore Ravens who need to step up to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers

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4. The Baltimore Ravens need Lamar Jackson to avenge his issues vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers

Lamar Jackson is 14-3 against the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns. Then, he is just 1-2 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is the weirdest stat. Jackson missed three games due to injury, one to COVID, and then he also sat a game because things were locked up for the Ravens by week 17.

With all of that said, the Ravens have hardly had a healthy Lamar Jackson in this spot. When they did, Jackson struggled. He has four touchdowns and six interceptions. Jackson has many or more interceptions against the Steelers in three games, as he does in eight and nine games against the Browns and Bengals.

So, some of it small sample, but some of it is that he has played poorly in this spot. Are the Steelers going to always give him trouble, and does Mike Tomlin know how to push his buttons? Or does the new offense, along with a worse Steelers defense lead to success? The Ravens need the best from Lamar Jackson.