5 Baltimore Ravens who need to step up to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers

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2. The Baltimore Ravens need to see Rashod Bateman at his best against the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Baltimore Ravens offense has been a bit more condensed since they lost Odell Beckham and Rashod Bateman in week two. You could feel the impact against the Indianapolis Colts, and while they beat the Cleveland Browns with ease, a lot of that had to do with Dorian Thompson-Robinson starting.

The Browns' secondary is a bit better than Pittsburgh's, but the Colts' secondary is weak and was not exposed. That is why the Ravens are relying on the return of one of Bateman or Beckham so badly. Beckham has been limited in practice, but his veteran status could allow him to return.

Still, Rashod Bateman has been a full go in practice, so we know that he will play, barring any shocking events.

The Ravens need this because the Steelers cornerbacks are bad. Patrick Peterson looks like the washed version of the old Hall of Famer, and alpha wide receivers are picking on Levi Wallace when they get the chance. Zay Flowers is good, but aside from two deep balls, all of his catches look manufactured and near the line.

The Ravens need an X wide receiver who clears space for Flowers to be their Z who moves around. One of Bateman and Beckham needs to test these cornerbacks early and soften things up for Flowers. Will it be Rashod Bateman, who should be fully healthy now?