4 nightmare scenarios for Ravens in 2023

  • No quarterback pressure?
  • An improved division?
  • Injury concerns?
Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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3. Pittsburgh and Cleveland are drastically better

This division can be one of the toughest in all of football, and last year, a team like the Cleveland Browns didn't do much in terms of intimidation. Cleveland's top storyline for over a year now has been Deshaun Watson. Can he improve in 2023 and put his legal trouble behind him, or will it be too difficult, mentally?

Let's say Watson improves and looks more like the guy we saw in Houston. If that happens, then this Browns team should be taken seriously. They have pieces on defense, and most notably added Za'Darius Smith to go with Myles Garrett. If the Browns are improved (and it will be on Watson's shoulders), then the Ravens have a more difficult road ahead.

The same can be said for the Steelers, whose defense should always be in the top half of the league so long as T.J. Watt is healthy and on the field. Now, when it comes to their offense, they need two things to happen.

First of all, Kenny Pickett needs to take a big Year 2 leap. If he does, then the Ravens once again have a very difficult Steelers team to deal with twice a year. Second, Pickett needs better protection and the offensive line has to do a better job for the run game. If Pittsburgh improves at quarterback and offensive line throughout 2023, the Ravens are in for a much tougher divisional battle.