3 reasons Baltimore Ravens did not overpay for Odell Beckham Jr.

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1. If Baltimore Ravens can extend Lamar Jackson, the difference is priceless

Immediately after the Baltimore Ravens signed Odell Beckham, the question was, how does this impact Lamar Jackson. We swiftly learned that it would not hurt their cap the way some wish it would. Beyond that, we saw that Lamar Jackson glowingly approves of the move.

He posted that he had been chatting with Odell Beckham, and it does appear that Beckham would not have signed the deal if he did not think he could hit his incentives. He think he can hit them with ease because Lamar Jackson will be back at quarterback.

The reality is that if this deal gets Lamar Jackson back to the negotiation table with the Ravens then the deal is priceless. If it allows the Ravens to save a few backs with Lamar Jackson that is even better. In the grand scheme of things, this will cost the Ravens less than $3M in 2027. If you ask anyone in the front office if $3M in 2027 is worth ending the Lamar Jackson they would laugh at how easily the answer would be yes.

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So, on the surface it is a big deal, and initially is a bit surprising. However, it does not kill their cap, it is barely top 20 wide receiver money, and if it brings back Lamar Jackson, it is easy to pay.