Patrick Mahomes goes grade school on Justin Tucker prior to AFC Championship Game

The Chiefs quarterback tried starting something with Justin Tucker.

Baltimore Ravens, Patrick Mahomes
Baltimore Ravens, Patrick Mahomes / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Sunday afternoon, the AFC Championship was up for grabs between the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs.

It was a duel between the likely MVP and a quarterback whom most might still assume as the best player in football: Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes.

Before the two teams kicked off against one another, though, things got a little interesting in pre-game warmups.

While Ravens kicker Justin Tucker was warming up, Mahomes and his boy Travis Kelce wanted to share the same space for their pregame routine.

Patrick Mahomes took it back to grade school shenanigans with Justin Tucker in pre-game warmups.

From the above video posted by NFL Network's James Palmer, you can see Mahomes attempting to warm up, but Tucker's kicking stand was in his way. Accordint to Palmer, Mahomes repeatedly kicked Tucker's stand out of his throwing space.

Then, Kelce got involved. The veteran tight end told Tucker he needed to move so that Mahomes could warm up. Tucker didn't seem to abide by Kelce's request, so the tight end took matters into his own hands.

Apparently, grown men feel the need to act childish in order to get their way.

Childish or entitled, or a little bit of both ... you decide.

Regardless of Mahomes and Kelce's opinion on the issue, the fact of the matter is, the two of them acted immaturely and disrespectfully, and toward one of the best players this league has ever seen -- and on his home field!

Meanwhile, Tucker was just over there smirking over the entire incident. I'm sure, secretly, Tucker enjoyed the juvenile banter from his opposition. It certainly looked like it by the look on his face, at least.

If anything, the pre-game scuffle sure added to the level of tension and competition between the two Super Bowl hopefuls.