3 perfect replacements for Mike Macdonald the Ravens should hire right now

The Ravens must act quickly.

Baltimore Ravens, Mike Macdonald
Baltimore Ravens, Mike Macdonald / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages
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Just a few days after the Baltimore Ravens' season ended, they found out the team was losing an integral piece to their 2023 run.

Defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald is being hired on as the new head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, as Adam Schefter reported Wednesday.

The deal has yet to be finalized, but Macdonald will indeed be leaving Baltimore.

Now, onto the more important question.

Who will the Ravens hire to replace Mike Macdonald?

1. Leslie Frazier

One of the first candidates that would be perfect for Baltimore is a guy who is familiar with the Ravens, having coached their secondary back in 2016. Leslie Frazier is a longstanding defensive mind in the NFL and opted to take last year off after parting ways with the Buffalo Bills.

Frazier was the defensive coordinator in Buffalo from 2017 to 2022 and led them to become a top-10 defense in four of those seasons, including finishing as the top defense in 2021. Frazier's history within the league means he needs no introduction. This man is one of the better defensive minds in the NFL, and has been for a couple of decades now.

This would be an easy hire; one that wouldn't need a whole lot of thought, to be frank. Frazier has been around the organization in years past and is familiar with the culture under John Harbaugh. Frazier is also a well-respected coach and would come as a plug-and-play type. He'd also likely help revamp the depth at cornerback, coming from a defensive back's background.