3 perfect replacements for Mike Macdonald the Ravens should hire right now

The Ravens must act quickly.

Baltimore Ravens, Mike Macdonald
Baltimore Ravens, Mike Macdonald / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages
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3. Anthony Weaver

Finally, the Ravens could have their replacement already inside the building. Defensive line coach and associate head coach Anthony Weaver has gotten some attention amongst the coordinator interview cycle this year, too, and would be a perfect candidate to replace Macdonald.

One of the main reasons why Weaver makes sense is the fact that there wouldn't be much overlap. He already knows the guys and the type of scheme they want to run. Continuity certainly counts in today's NFL, and I am sure the locker room would give a rousing vote of confidence to a hire like this.

Weaver has previously coached defensive lines in Houston, Cleveland and Buffalo and he gets the current opportunity to say he coached the league's no. 1 defensive line; a defense that led the NFL in sacks with 60 last season.

Weaver also has a trending trait among coordinators and coaches in today's league. He's a former player, and so happens to be a former draft pick of Baltimore back in 2002. Former players have gained more and more steam over the last few years as successful, up-and-coming coaches and Weaver is no exception.

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