5 Baltimore Ravens who played more than expected against Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Baltimore Ravens lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the outcome of the game was not that important. The Ravens just wanted to get out of that game healthy, and for the most part, they did. If anyone had any minor injury, they were pulled. However, with players out due to injuries and others like Lamar Jackson and Roquan Smith sitting due to rest, a lot of the starters needed to suit up. 

Which Ravens players saw more snaps than expected?

5. The Baltimore Ravens did not have the depth to sit Marcus Williams 

The Baltimore Ravens played Marcus Williams a full game on Saturday. This was a bit surprising, mainly because Williams has dealt with injuries throughout the year. Williams missed six games this year with multiple injuries, and his pectoral injury early in the season has impacted his ability to perform as a tackler at times.

Perhaps the reality is that his pectoral will need offseason surgery, and a week off is not going to make anything better. Still, Williams was asked to deliver some big blows in a meaningless week 18 game. 

A lot of that comes down to depth. Kyle Hamilton is more presently injured, and Daryl Worley suffered an injury against Miami, causing him to miss this game. So, the Ravens had to call up Andrew Adams from the practice squad as the only depth. Geno Stone left the game for 15 snaps, and Adams had to step in for him, so at times, there was not even any depth behind Williams. They would have liked to rest him more, but they could not.