5 Baltimore Ravens who played more than expected against Pittsburgh Steelers

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4. Brandon Stephens played the entire game for the Baltimore Ravens 

Brandon Stephens is another player who surprisingly was not only active but also played every single snap in the meaningless game. He has been a stud all season and finished second on the team in snaps played. Still, he missed the week prior with an ankle injury that he suffered against the San Francisco 49ers. 

Considering it was an ankle, you would think that the Ravens were going to stay cautious with this injury. A week off here would have given him three weeks, and his ankle would have had no issues by then. Still, they brought back Stephens before the playoffs, and he played a full game. 

Perhaps the Ravens did not want him to get rusty in his first year as a full-time starter. If he is healthy, let him play. More than that, both Marlon Humphrey and Ronald Darby had more pressing injuries to deal with. Without those two, they were much thinner at cornerback.