3 Baltimore Ravens players who improved their chances of starting in 2023

The Baltimore Ravens may have resolved some positon battles for starting spots

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1. Is Travis Jones ready to start over Michael Pierce?

This starting job is less significant than others, mainly because the duo will probably split the work no matter what. Still, there is a question about who will lead the split and who will be out there when they run their first plays out of base this season.

Michael Pierce is the veteran and incumbent. However, he is aging and has not been healthy for a full year since 2020. So, it is not a shock that he did not play in the preseason. Still, if the Ravens have it their way, Travis Jones will pass up Pierce on the depth chart anyway.

Travis Jones is a former third-round pick entering his second season with the Baltimore Ravens. With Pierce and his age and injury history combined with Jones and his youth and up-and-coming ability, the team would love for Jones to take control and be the future. It also would ease the workload of Pierce, and it may keep him healthier and playing his best.

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So, Saturday was a great sign because Jones was one of the best players on the field. He played 29 snaps and added pressure and two run stops. That is great for his role. If a second-year breakout is in store for Jones, then the team is in good hands on the defensive line. This was the vibe we got from Jones and his first preseason game.

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