5 Baltimore Ravens players who won't be back next year

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
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Now that the offseason is over the focus for the Baltimore Ravens moves to the 2023 season and beyond. The Ravens made roster moves not only thinking about next season but also what the future could have in store for them.

So, who are some players on the roster who may be here for the 2023 season, but the writing is on the wall that this is their last season with the team?

5. Baltimore Ravens may be ready to move on from Devin Duvernay

A quirky fact is that because Zay Flowers and Rashod Bateman are on rookie deals, and because of the void years on Odell Beckham Jr., Devin Duvernay has the highest cap hit on the Ravens in 2023. Devin Duvernay will be a free agent in 2024, and the money for all three of the players mentioned goes up.

The fact is that he is making about $5M and that is too much to be a number four. The Ravens can eat that this season because the other hits are so low, but he would not be back at nearly the same price. The issue is that while Duvernay may just be a number four in NFL, he provides legitimate punch on special teams as well.

Still, the Ravens added Keaton Mitchell, who may need to return kicks to get a job. Also, Zay Flowers has experience when it comes to returning punts. This is not to say that Duvernay is not worth his salary, because he is, and someone is going to pay up for him when he hits free agency.

However, in the Baltimore Ravens' specific situation, he has become a luxury. Too many other teams will view him as a need, and they will pay for it. These are the small maneuvers you have to make when you sign Lamar Jackson or any franchise quarterback to a huge deal. Turning a Duverynay $5M salary or more into a rookie or cheap veteran will save them a few million on the cap, and with Bateman, Flowers, and Beckham all likely back in 2024, the room is too crowded not to say every dollar.