5 Baltimore Ravens players who won't be back next year

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4. Did Baltimore Ravens replace Patrick Queen?

When the Baltimore Ravens drafted Trenton Simpson all the red lights went up when it came to Patrick Queen and his status with the team. The Ravens could not move him on draft weekend, and that did increase the odds that he stays for the 2023 season. However, the odds of him being here beyond that went down dramatically.

Eric DeCosta has said that the Simpson draft pick had nothing to do with Queen and that they plan to talk to Queen about an extension. That all may be well and honest, but it is not the full picture. It is hard to see the Ravens and Queen finding a number that the two sides agree on, even if DeCosta is trying in full faith.

Queen sees himself as young and improving, and the Ravens have to think that the light only came on once Roquan Smith was added. Does Roquan Smith turn on lights, and is that why the Ravens paid him so much? They should trust that they can stay on the cheaper side next to Smtih and the talent of Smith in the system can lift them up.

So, there is not a number where Queen and the Ravens will see each other on. Beyond that, Simpson may have been the best player available, but he profiles too close to Queen to not notice it. He also needs to be pointed in the right direction, but when he can run in a line and go chase, he is as good, or better than Queen. It would only take a year of working behind Queen to grow into that role.

This is reminiscent of the Ravens saying that Kyle Hamilton would not impact their future with Chuck Clark. Clark kept his role for one season and then was promptly traded for a day-three pick. The Ravens hope Queen does get a big payday, elsewhere, so that they can get a compensatory pick better than what they got for Chuck Clark.