5 Baltimore Ravens players who won't be back next year

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Michael Pierce, Baltimore Ravens
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3. Is this is for Michael Pierce with the Baltimore Ravens?

Michael Pierce had a great early career for the Baltimore Ravens, but it has to feel like this is the last run. Of course, we thought it was over when the Minnesota Vikings gave him a nice payday, but he had a poor 2021 filled with injuries and issues and came back to the Ravens in 2022.

It looked like the Ravens were about to get a steal but he tore his biceps in week three of the 2022 season and missed the entire year. Pierce is back on a cheap deal and the Baltimore Ravens need some beef up front, so he will be given a chance this season.

Still, he would have to play pretty darn well to see himself get extended by the Ravens. Even this time they may not circle around after he struggles elsewhere. That is because Pierce will not be 31, and he is coming off two seasons of injuries. If he can piece together a season of health that is great, but this can no longer be banked on.

Beyond that, when he went down, it was Broderick Washington who stepped up into that role and did just fine. Washington is much younger, and a much safer bet. This will be the debate because Washington will be a free agent at the end of this season as well. If they have to choose, it should not be close.

That does not factor in Travis Jones, either. Travis Jones is a sturdy nose tackle who played a bit as a rookie and should be in the mix in year two. We know that the Ravens love to see their players break out in the third and fourth year, and Travis Jones is a prime candidate to rotate behind Pierce this year, then step in for that role in 2024, or even when Pierce gets banged up.

The Ravens are already set for the long term, and they will be drafting this spot as they always do. Michael Pierce had one heck of a run, but those days are over. The question is can they get one more year out of him, not whether or not he will be back in 2024?