5 Baltimore Ravens players who won't be back next year

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Kevin Zeitler, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Kevin Zeitler only has a year left with the Baltimore Ravens

Kevin Zeitler has been stable for the past two years upfront for the Ravens. However, he has already noted that he has thought about retirement, and at age 33 how could he not? He is going to be a free agent this year, and the Ravens have to eat a little dead money due to the restructures of his deal. Unless he came back on a really team-friendly deal because he thought the Ravens could win it all, it is hard to see Kevin Zeitler being back,

First, if he does want to play, there will be teams with bigger needs and more money than the Ravens. He would have to come back to play with Lamar Jackson. Beyond that, retirement does seem like a legitimate option for him after this season.

The Ravens also may have a replacement lined up with Andrew Vorhees. Vorhees played left and right guard, so he could fill in for either. Still, he was a right guard last season, and many saw him starting right out of college if it were not for an ACL injury. So, Vorhees can rehab and spend a year in meetings with Zeitler. Then, the team can turn to him and ask him to fill those big shoes. It seems like Zeitler is the person who would not be offended by helping a potential replacement or someone gunning for his job, and that is what made the Ravens attracted to him.

It will not get messy, but the writing is on the wall that this is the last year of Kevin Zeitler wearing purple and black.