10 Baltimore Ravens players whose stock is skyrocketing this preseason

Players on the Baltimore Ravens roster are moving up the depth chart, or ensuring their spot on the top 53.

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Kevon Seymour, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Kevon Seymour's stock with the Baltimore Ravens remains high

It is hard not to list Kevon Seymour as a winner after what he has done this preseason. Yes, his rise has been by default like some others, but like these other players, he also earned it when presented with the chance.

Seymour started both games at cornerback. This is at least notable because he is clearly ahead of rookie cornerback Kyu Blu Kelly. Nothing Kelly did in this game made you think he deserves a spot over Seymour, and the opposite actually occured because Seymour played well, and Kelly struggled.

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This is another interesting case where the Ravens have a debate over sticking with the best player on the field, or sticking with the investment. They drafted Kelly this year for his upside and potential. Seymour is a veteran journeyman who offers little of that. But, he won the job over Kelly. That is at least worth recognizing as he made the decision much tougher on the Baltimore Ravens front office, and that is all you can ask for.

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