10 Baltimore Ravens players whose stock is skyrocketing this preseason

Players on the Baltimore Ravens roster are moving up the depth chart, or ensuring their spot on the top 53.
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John Simpson, Baltimore ravens
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8. Did John Simpson win the Baltimore Ravens starting left guard job?

The Baltimore Ravens starting left guard job has taken many twists and turns, but it does feel like we are starting to hit our resolution, and any day now, we will see that John Simpson won the job. He has been locked into the majority of the starting snaps for the past two weeks after Sala Aumave-Laulu took the first-team repetitions early on in training camp.

Once Simpson took over, there was a thought that the two would rotate, but for the most part, it was Simpson. Simpson started for Baltimore in the past two preseason games. Frankly, against better competition, Simpson has been the better player. Even when Aumavae-Laulu comes in later on in the games, he struggles in ways that Simpson simply does not.

So, there is still one week left to sort things out, but it is hard to see this going any other way. Simpson went from behind Ben Cleveland to behind Sala Aumavae-Laulu and then ahead of both. That makes him one of the easy winners of the weekend.